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Multipurpose tool


What is it?

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What does it do?

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Getting started

Before use:

Personal safety

The Multi Tool is equipped with a sharp knife. Avoid contact with fingers, etc.

During use:

Directions for use

Open cartridge / cut off nozzle Opening the cartridge: Place the multi tool straight on the cartridge closure (plastic threaded nipple). Cut off the cartridge closure straight using the built-in cutter. Cutting the Nozzle: With the built-in cutter cut off the nozzle diagonally at the desired diameter. Finishing / remove excess sealant After the sealant is applied, moisten the sealant with soap water. Moisten the spoon-shaped side of the Multi-Tool also with soapy water. Place it then against the sealant and tool off the excess sealant in one smooth movement. Collect excess sealant in the spoon. Place the Multi-Tool perpendicular to the sealant joint for narrow joints. For a wider joint, hold the Multi Tool flatter. Smoothen any uneven parts with a wet finger. Removing cured sealant Insert the hook-shaped portion of the multi tool in the cured sealant and loosen the sealant. Use the pointed part on places which are hard to reach (such as in corners).

Points of attention

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the sealant.

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