Adhesive for Normal & Heavy Wallpaper

Package 125 g

Wallpaper paste based on carboxymethyl cellulose

Adhesive for Normal & Heavy Wallpaper

What is it?

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What does it do?

Suitable for:

Suitable for applying all types of light, medium and heavy wallpaper, including paper, simplex, duplex and acrylic wallpaper.

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Getting started

Before use:

Working conditions

Do not apply at temperatures below +10 °C and/or relative humidity higher than 70 %.

Surface requirements

For an optimal result the surface must be porous, solid, clean, permanently dry, smooth, dust- and grease-free.

Preliminary surface treatment

Remove the old wallpaper using a wallpaper removal agent, then clean the surfaces in order to remove any remaining paste, grease or dust. Fill holes and cracks with wall filler to make the surface even and then coat any stains so that they do not show on the surface of the wallpaper. Prime highly absorbent surfaces first with diluted wallpapering paste (20 % water). Allow this primer layer to dry for at least 2 hours. Sand non-absorbent surfaces (e.g. latex layer) by initially opening up and then making the surface dust-free.


Pasting brush, bucket, stirring stick, wallpaper table. Clean tools immediately after use with water.

Preparation of product

Add the powder in small quantities to cold water while vigorously stirring until a lump-free paste is obtained. Let the paste rest and stir up vigorously again after 15 minutes. The paste is now ready to use.


Prepare or mix with water.

Mixture ratio

See table

During use:

Directions for use

Coat the wallpaper strips thoroughly and evenly with a fur roller or brush, making sure the edges are properly covered. Fold the strips double and allow the paste to soak in following the instructions of the wallpaper manufacturer. Apply a strip of paper to the wall and brush it smooth using a plastic spatula or brush. Always smooth the wallpaper from the centre to the edges, and from top to bottom. Make sure that the seams are properly pressed against each other.


Ready-made paste remains workable for several days when stored tightly sealed.

Points of attention

Always hang wallpaper in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

After use:


Remove traces of paste immediately by dabbing with a clean, dry cloth. Dried paste on the surface of the wallpaper can be removed by dabbing with a clean, damp cloth.

Storage conditions

Close container properly and store in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

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