Mirror adhesive

Tube 60 ml

Mirror adhesive specially recommended for joining (silver) mirrors

Mirror adhesive

What is it?

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What does it do?

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Getting started

Before use:

Working conditions

Only apply at temperatures between +5 °C and +40 °C.

Surface requirements

Both parts must be solid, clean, free of dust and grease. Use of primer not required. The surface may be slightly moist.


Apply cartridge contents using a sealant gun (a Bison Power Pistol, for example).


One cartridge issues approx. 8-15 metres of adhesive (depending on the diameter of the cut nozzle).

During use:

Directions for use

Apply the mirror adhesive in vertical stripes (possible moisture behind the mirror can not run away if there are horizontal adhesive stripes) every 20 cm on the back of the undamaged mirror. Mount the mirror within 10 minutes and press firmly. The space behind the mirror must be well ventilated and remain so. Support large mirrors 24 hour using a ruler or tape until the adhesive has completely cured.

Points of attention

Do not apply the adhesive by circular movement, but in vertical stripes. Sufficient air must be able to reach the adhesive.

After use:


Use white spirit for cleaning tools and removing wet adhesive residue. Dry adhesive residue can only be removed mechanically.

Storage conditions

Close container properly and store in a dry, cool and frost-freeplace.

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