Moisture Absorber Moisture Magnet

Sachet 2 x 450 g Neutral

Moisture Magnet refills, based on our advanced moisture absorption technology

Moisture Absorber Moisture Magnet

What is it?

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What does it do?

Suitable for:

Combats condensation, damp and stale smells. Moisture Absorber is odorless, soundless, doesn’t use energy and is easy to refill. The moisture absorber reduces a too high relative humidity level in all closed spaces with little or no ventilation. Ideal for basement, garage, attic, closet, caravan, boat, shed etc.

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Getting started

Before use:

Personal safety

Wear protective gloves.


450g works for approximately 3 months in a room up to approximately 45 m³ and absorbs approximately 0,5 litres of water, depending on the temperature, humidity and size of room.

During use:

Directions for use

  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE – REPLENISHING WITH MOISTURE MAGNET: Cut the packaging open carefully and take out the Moisture Magnet. Remove the lid from the device and place the Tab in the container. Replace the lid and Moisture Absorber is ready for use. Place the device on a solid and stable surface. Moisture Absorber is easy to empty once the salt has completely dissolved. See separate instructions for emptying the device. Replenish with a new refill.
  • EMPTYING THE DEVICE Open the device indoors over the toilet and empty the reservoir. Rinse the toilet well with water. Important: Spilled liquid can cause staining. In case of stains wash immediately with plenty of water and dab thoroughly dry. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with leather and metal: these materials are at risk of damage.


Always position the Moisture Absorber Ambiance on a flat and stable surface.

Points of attention

At lower temperatures the Moisture Absorber works more slowly. Increasing the temperature will speed up the working again. Avoid contact with leather, wood, stone and metal, as these materials can be affected negatively.

After use:


Spilt fluid can cause surface marks. If fluid is spilt, it should be cleaned immediately using large volumes of water and dabbed repeatedly until dry. Avoid contact with leather, wood, stone and metal, as these materials can be affected negatively.

Storage conditions

Store in well-sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost free place.

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